Individualised, accessible clinic &
learning environment
speech pathology assessment
and play-based therapy

We Support & Develop:

  • Early communication development (late talkers, play skills, turn taking & attention to task)
  • Speech development (pronunciation of sounds in words and clarity)
  • Receptive Language (understanding what is said/asked)
  • Expressive language (using words and forming sentences)
  • Literacy (phonological awareness, reading and spelling)
  • Listening skills (auditory processing and recall)
  • Preschool fluency/stuttering (Lidcombe program)
  • Social skill development
  • Home / preschool / school programs

Roar Speech also offers:

  • Preschool screening & school readiness testing
  • Teacher training / professional development workshops
  • Parent training / workshops

ELC / School Visits

At Roar Speech. one of our passions is being able to communicate with all those important people in your child’s life. The benefit of conducting our sessions at your child’s Early Learning Centre or School presents opportunities including:

  • liaison with teacher/s, and the learning support team regularly
  • stronger generalisation of communication skills in many environments
  • ensuring our target speech, language and literacy goals are relevant to the curriculum.

To ensure you, as parents feel completely involved we send an email outlining goals, activities completed and homework. We welcome feedback and love hearing about progress at home too!

Parent / Carers

We love having parents/carers in our sessions where possible and we highly value the opportunity of liaising with educators, working together to target speech, language & literacy goals that are relevant to the curriculum. Establishing trusting relationships with all involved in our clients’ care allows for stronger generalization of the communication areas we are targeting!

Speech Pathology Assessment

We understand that the term ‘assessment’ can be a daunting one, especially when it’s your child. At Roar Speech. we strive to make the assessment process easy and fun! Assessment of your child’s skill set is usually completed in one to two, 45-minute sessions.

What will the session will look like?

  • We usually begin with us playing a game with your little lion so that they feel relaxed whilst having a chat with you about their development. This includes gathering as much information as we can about motor development, play skills, interaction, eating/drinking/sleeping habits, school performance, and what your child likes and doesn’t like.
  • We begin the assessment process. This will depend upon your child’s age, attention and compliance.

    This can include:

    • Observing your child in play
    • Engaging in conversation during play
    • Using toys and/or pictures to find out about how your child is understanding, expressing themselves or how they are saying different speech sounds
    • Having your child read out aloud or write down words and sentences.
  • We will give some preliminary feedback after the assessment but will schedule a time to chat either over the phone or in person after we have scored, analysed and interpreted the assessment information.
  • You will receive a written Summary or Comprehensive Report following the assessment

Play-Based Therapy

Research indicates that early intervention is the key to maximising your child’s communication potential and learning outcomes. There is no such thing as ‘too early’!

From the assessment, we now know your child’s strengths and weaknesses and we cater therapy specifically for your child. We may suggest weekly or fortnightly sessions depending on your child’s needs.

Our sessions are fun, creative and hands-on. We play together but have specific communication goals that we are targeting to get real results.