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Welcome to Roar Speech

At Roar, we put Relationships First. At the core of all that we do, is to build strong relationships with everyone that we work with.

We provide families with easy to access, convenient speech pathology assessment and therapy services for their children in their learning environments, whether that’s at their early learning centre, day care, school or within our two fun and friendly Clinics.

Roar Speech works with children, their families and educators to design and implement effective therapy solutions with individualised goals.

These solutions and goals support children and families to address their current needs to enhance and achieve learning in all aspects of their lives.

Speech Pathology Assessment

During our assessment sessions, we assess your child’s communication skills. Through play, conversation, observation and assessments, we gather as much information as we can about motor development, play skills, interaction, eating/drinking/sleeping habits, school performance, and what your child likes and doesn’t like.

Following the assessment sessions, we provide preliminary feedback and will schedule a time to chat after we have scored, analysed and interpreted the assessment information. You will receive a written Summary or Comprehensive Report following the assessment depending on your child's age and findings.

Individual, Targeted Therapy

Early intervention is the key to maximising your child’s communication potential and learning outcomes. There is no such thing as ‘too early’!

From the assessment we know your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and we cater therapy specifically for your child. We may suggest weekly or fortnightly sessions depending on your child’s needs. Our sessions are fun, creative and hands-on. We play together and have specific communication goals that we are targeting to get real results.

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The Dens are Now Open

We're proud to announce our fun, happy clinics are now open in Unley & Port Elliot.

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