Chloe Cocks

Founder / Speech Pathologist

Chloe has extensive experience providing public and private speech pathology services in educational settings, including Early Childhood and primary schools in South Australia.

Chloe is extremely passionate about enabling children to reach their full potential. She has a real knack of engaging and relating to children and enjoys building strong relationships with her clients’ families and teachers.

Chloe’s fun and creative therapy sessions are relevant to each client which motivates them to fulfill their communication potential. She has experience in conducting assessments and providing therapy in the areas of speech, language, fluency, literacy, social and pragmatic skills.

Things she likes: Yoga, gardening and beach walks with my husband, two boys & SunnyDog

Things she doesn’t: Traffic!

Roar Speech describes her as: Happy, caring, patient & fun!

Peta McAlpine

Relationships Coordinator

Peta is our number one go-to administrative girl for all of our beautiful families, whether it's to chat about the services Roar provides, scheduling, accounts, building relationships... nothing is too much for Pete! You will always be welcomed with a warm, vibrant smile.

Peta comes with extensive experience working in administrative roles ranging from health to veterinary.

Things she likes: Walks with my partner and border collie, Dusty, roller skating & cooking Hello Fresh

Things she doesn’t: Mushrooms

Roar Speech describes her as: Funny, loyal, enthusiastic & has the kindest heart

Olivia Brinkworth

Speech Pathologist / Operations Manager

Olivia is a warm and caring speech pathologist who is passionate about working with children and their families to build their capacity to communicate effectively.

Olivia's enthusiastic and bubbly personality allows for fun and innovative therapy sessions. Olivia has a natural desire to care and enjoys exploring ways to best engage with individual children. She has experience working in a diverse range of paediatric speech pathology areas.

Things she likes: Cooking, pilates, holidays, cups of tea and sunshine!

Things she doesn’t: Peanut butter

Roar Speech describes her as: Honest, passionate, organised & chirpy!

Coby Hanisch

Senior Speech Pathologist / Clinical Manager

Coby started her career in 2010 and has had the pleasure of working with children and adults across community, education and hospital settings. She has extensive experience working with children on early language development, speech sound disorders, literacy, fluency, feeding and social communication skills.

Coby is passionate about recognising individual differences in children and helping them become effective communicators through play. She takes on a highly individualised approach to therapy, understanding that every child, their needs and motivation differs.

She loves helping children grow their communication skills in order to develop meaningful relationships with their loved ones, teachers and peers.

Things she likes: All things adventure, beach time and spending time outdoors with her family

Things she doesn’t: Mushrooms- eww!

Roar Speech describes her as: Fun-loving, knowledgable, passionate and creative!

Kirralee Moores

Senior Speech Pathologist

Kirralee has been working as a paediatric speech pathologist for 17 years in community and education settings. Kirralee brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise about speech pathology within a multidisciplinary team. She is passionate about supporting children and their families and considers it a real privilege to be part of a child’s journey to help them shine and be a confident communicator.

Kirralee is warm and helps children feel at ease. She loves being able to see children reach their goals through play and having fun!

Things she likes: Spending time with her family, drinking coffee in pretty places and musical theatre

Things she doesn’t: Cleaning!

Roar Speech describes her as: Gentle, kind-hearted, thoughtful & fun!

Lucy Mann

Speech Pathologist

Lucy is a passionate and creative speech pathologist who prioritises her relationships with clients and their families. She is passionate about creating sessions that are engaging, fun and tailored to each child's specific interests and needs.

Lucy has experience working in a variety of settings, such as schools, early learning centres and community settings. She loves supporting children in reaching their full potential and becoming confident communicators.

Things she likes: Travelling, pasta and reading a good book

Things she doesn’t: Spiders

Roar Speech describes her as: Organised, passionate, friendly and fun!

Jemima D'Lima

Speech Pathologist

Jemima is a sweet and caring speech pathologist who is passionate about supporting children in their confidence and communication abilities. She has experience working with children in school and clinic settings, and enjoys making therapy creative, fun and engaging! Jemima devotes herself to building relationships with clients and their families, and she loves to help our little lions reach their full potential!

Things she likes: Trips to the beach, sunshine, playing guitar, singing and taking a ballet class

Things she doesn’t: Cold weather!

Roar Speech describes her as: Bubbly, enthusiastic, passionate and kind!

Zoe Dimou

Speech Pathologist

Zoe is a gentle-natured and creative speech pathologist who is passionate about empowering young people to develop communicative confidence and unlock their potential. Her warmth and enthusiasm enables children and families to feel supported and involved throughout their therapy journey. Zoe recognises that genuine relationships are the foundation for positive outcomes, and is intentional about building meaningful connections with her clients and those involved in their world.

Zoe has experience providing support to young people in clinic and community environments. She enjoys bringing her creativity to sessions to make them lively, fun and engaging!

Things she likes: Spending time with loved ones, travelling, the smell of fresh rain and nature walks.

Things she doesn’t: Creepy crawlies!

Roar Speech describes her as: Smiley, friendly, caring and gentle!

Hannah Osborn

Speech Pathologist

Hannah has practical experience working with children and adults in a range of different environments, such as schools, hospitals, and within homes. Hannah is passionate about helping children achieve their communication goals, whilst building meaningful relationships during fun and engaging sessions.

Things she likes: Travelling, warm weather, playing football and trying out new restaurants

Things she doesn’t: Flies!

Roar Speech describes her as: Kind, active, bubbly and fun!

Grace Hooper

Speech Pathologist

Grace is a passionate Speech Pathologist who strives to provide young people with support to become confident communicators. She enjoys making therapy sessions fun and engaging for each child, catering to their specific interests while maintaining a holistic therapy approach. Grace has had experience working with children and adults in a range of practice contexts, such as schools, hospitals and clinic settings. Grace aims to build strong relationships with each client and their families to help her clients reach their full potential.

Things she likes: Travelling, baking and spending time with loved ones.

Things she doesn’t: Bananas!!

Roar Speech describes her as: Bright, confident & kind

Jessi Seagren

Allied Health Assistant

Coming soon... Watch this space!

Roar Speech describes her as: Enthusiastic, confident and passionate!

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